Monday, August 3, 2009

It's been a while, but work on LoI continued all this time, though even slower than usual, as I had some freelancing work to rob me of even the tiniest bit of free time... and then there is Red Faction Guerrilla. I never thought I could have so much fun destroying things - it's like I'm a little kid again - spending hours to build robots out of Legos, just to bombard them with AAA batteries...But I digress: )
Over the last weekend I added some background elements to the first puzzlette of the game - the one with the turning wheel.

...Oh, the turning wheel - I hope it wouldn't become the bane of my existence as it right now has all makings of one.
Among other things - I added another enemy - a Moai head that pops out of the ground and shoots fire, and can only be destroyed with a rolling smash. I gave the thing a very nice and elaborate breaking cycle, but unfortunately almost nobody will ever see it, as at the moment of impact a lot of dust and sparks are spawned, covering most of the animation... oh, well.


  1. It's very colorful and nice to look at.
    I have to say though, the wheel looks less realistic than the rest of the picture.

  2. The wheel is a pain in the ass - it is composed of many sprite layers to give it a 3D-esque feel. If I was to abandon that and just make it flat - I would have a lot more freedom, as is - I'll have to do a lot of layer tweaking to make it look nicer.