Here I will try to generate an art portfolio to show perspective employers, or just to be a smug bastard.

Here is a selection of a bejilion sprites from a whole bunch of projects I have worked on, both published and unpublished.

These guys are from an unfinished indie puzzle platformer Akuma's Yoyo

Bat-Gorilla and Bane Sprites from a Batman game by WayForward

Some of the sprites and backgrounds from Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego mobile game. The animation is a bit stiff due to mobile restrictions and heavy use of modules.

Above are a few of the sprites I did for Farcry 2 mobile game. Same restrictions apply to these animations as to Carmen ones - all frames are made out of modules. That goes double for the larger stuff like the tank and the swamp boat.

Above are some tile-based mobile game environments I have created over the years of working for Gameloft. Some of these originally had animated elements (like the light displays around the runway), but it was too difficult to capture those.