Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Mystik Belle is out on PS4 and Xbox One today!

Hello there,
Today is the day Mystik Belle comes to modern consoles with the help of the awesome WayForward! I am still waiting for any kind of review scores to roll in, but it can't possibly do much worse there than it did on Steam. In fact I don't think it's even possible to do worse.

Meanwhile, the game is still available on Steam, as well as DRM-free via itch.io, Gamejolt and Humble.

So, once again today I'm sitting at a crossroads, all hinging on how well the console version does. Hopefully I will know soon, so I can make plans accordingly. Best case scenario - I'll be able to finish LOI without having to worry about picking up more freelance gigs.


  1. Hey buddy Kickstarter backer here. I think you could raise considerable capital porting to Vita. Since your already on PS4 it shouldn't be a big leap. Vita is starving for good games and it has an INSANE attach rate of games per Vita. Plus you would have a spot near the top of the marketplace for a considerable amount of time since quality releases are getting more and more rare on the Vita. Metroidvania style games always feel more at home on handhelds so its a no-brainer. Anyways thats just my 2 cents, good luck. I can't wait to play LOI. Thanks for all your hard work!

    1. A Vita port would be difficult. Instead of offloading shader effects to the GPU, the game uses CPU-intensive software "ghetto-shaders". While these effects work well even on a lowest-end PC, or an underpowered android device like OUYA, they slowed Vita to a crawl. The game would've required a major overhaul in order to be ported without a visual downgrade. Still, I would've loved to give it another try, but unfortunately I don't have a Vita dev kit.

    2. A Switch port would be cool too, but I'm sure I don't have to tell you that. Indie games sell like hotcakes on the Switch.