Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mystik Belle is out via Humble Widget!
Hey guys - my newest game, Mystik Belle, is finally out via the Humble Widget. If you decide to purchase it at some point - it's probably the way to go, as you get the DRM-Free copy of the game, Steam code, and Desura code once it becomes available.


  1. Hey Andrew,

    I am a $10 backer. I checked my email, and I haven't yet received a Mystik Belle key, though I'm very interested in the game. Is it sent through a way other than email? Do I have to wait longer for the key? I hope not, this game looks fantastic :)


    1. Never mind, went to Kickstarter and figured it out. For those with the same issue, you must go to and resend the email. I received my key and am now downloading the game! Can't wait to play it!