Sunday, May 12, 2013

Not dead yet!

Nope - unlike what most of you probably think Legend of Iya is not dead. It IS in suspended animation for the time being, but work on it will resume in due time. I know my practice of neglecting this blog for nearly years at a time is ridiculous to say the least - but such is life. Unfortunately.
In the meantime - I've started another side-project, which will hopefully be easier to finish than the monstrous thing that is LOI - a remake of the old ZX Spectrum game Phantis. I will post info regarding it shortly. I hope: )


  1. Replies
    1. Hehehe - I know! Not much of an update after so long, but I'll try to have some cool stuff here in the coming months. In case you were excited about Phantis though, know this - it's probably 3/4 done. Compared to the original, you can play it up to the point of the "helicopter ride", which just leaves the fire caves and the final castle, both of which were, like two screens long in the original: )

  2. ILY!
    You've inspired me to make my own game along the same lines (with differences of course) ^,^