(It's pronounced All-Tea-OWN-Us)

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Galactic hero Serena S has been trolled on Spacebook. This is obviously a cause to embark on an epic quest to punish the troll in question, who just happens to be The Space Prince. Guide Serena through 7 stages of shmup action, jumping, shooting, and yet decidedly more jumping and shooting to her ultimate goal of total testicular annihilation of her foe.

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The game is heavily inspired by the home computer arcade games of old, such as Phantis, Halloween Harry, Jill of the Jungle and Astro Marine Corps.
Games that could fit ten times over onto a single HD floppy disk. Or a cassette tape.

From retina-burningly colorful graphics, to Serena's cartoonishly ridiculous boobs, to a nonsensical plot -  Ultionus is a love-letter to the whole era in gaming and media in general. If you miss the lighthearted sense of adventure, the over-the-top characters and the tough challenge in games - this might be the right game for you.

The music of Ultionus has been masterfully crafted by the legendary Jake 'Virt' Kaufman, and is a massive chiptune overload.
The awesome Luke 'A_Rival' Esquivel has provided the trailer track.

So - if you enjoy uncomplicated but challenging gameplay, an adventure that doesn't take itself too seriously, tons of gorgeous pixel art, and some incredibly rockin' chiptunes - BUY IT: )

Not convinced you NEED Ultionus in your life -
why not try a free demo then?