Long ago, when the world was still young, the forces of light and darkness fought endlessly. The heavens trembled, and entire galaxies were obliterated into clouds of dust by the intensity of the struggle. Neither side could prevail, for their forces were evenly matched, and the battle went on for millennia. Finally, as both sides were on the verge of exhaustion, Creatures of the Light took the upper hand, crippling and dispersing the Darkness. Arc, the Angel of Darkness was exiled to a faraway world and sealed inside a mountain by five Light Crystals. An outpost of Light was established at the foot, to watch over the dark prison.

Centuries have passed, and the lifeless rock of the faraway world sprung to life. Populated by creatures and plants, the land maintained a delicate balance of all elements, and the events of the great battle became nothing but a legend. The village at the foot of the Dark Mountain has forgotten its true purpose as the guardians. The line of Light Creatures declined. Yet over time, imprisoned in the rock, Arc healed and grew stronger, and as he did, the balance once again started to shift away from Light, and one morning the inhabitants of the faraway world awoken to Darkness. Now, the last in the line of Light Creatures stands near the entrance of the Mountain. She alone can prevent the new war.
The destiny awaits!
Maziac was the first PC game I have ever finished. It has at least one thing in common with my newer game Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge - they both were testbeds for versions of Legend of Iya. The game was written in GameMaker 5 and therefore suffers from severe technical limitations. It ran cripplingly slow on contemporary computers due to the math required for its "lighting engine".

In Maziac, you control a female Creature of Light, who for some reason just looks like a chibi girl in an adventurer outfit. The dark mountain is a sprawling maze of darkness and confusion, and your primary goal is to find your way down to Arc's chamber. However - collecting treasure and Light Crystals will help you along the way and unlock better endings.

(If you have trouble running the above build, HERE's an older one that's apparently more compatible)

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