Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge out on OUYA. Featured in Play Like a BAWB.

So, I have finally figured out the OUYA-specific in-app purchase system and as a test implemented it in Ultionus.
If you own an OUYA and want something oldschool to play on it, or just want to play an oldschool game on a TV and not a computer monitor - give Ultionus a try!

Now back to streamlining Iya's movement.


  1. Thanks for putting this on the Ouya! It desperately needs more awesome indie games like Ultionus. Keep up the great work, man!

  2. I wish OUYA was marketed even more toward small indies.
    Unfortunately - as it stands the gate to entry is still a bit steep for people who just want to make games for fun.
    I wish OUYA guys, like partnered up with middleware developers like YoYo of GameMaker and the Unity people and subsidized the inclusion of the Android (or even OUYA-specific) export packages with the purchase of the core program.
    I'd love OUYA to become as crazy and vibrant a dev community as GMC (GameMakerCommunity) was half a decade ago.

    As it is I can only go around encouraging other GameMaker devs to do OUYA ports. Because of that look forward to Savant-Ascent and Yogscast: The Mystical Dream Tower on OUYA.

  3. I hope so. Spoke with Savant dev - he was very open to the idea, though I'm unsure if he'll follow up on the initial reaction. I shared whatever knowledge I could about OUYA optimization, and offered all of my help.
    For now - if you want to have a bad time - sideload the android Savant onto OUYA: )

  4. I'm a little late to the party I guess. This is easily one of the best games on the Ouya, by far. So reminds me of oldschool Amiga goodness and the soundtrack is fantastic. I hope you don't hive up on the platform. Would love to play some more of your games there.