Monday, December 23, 2013

Ultionus is up for pre-sale on Desura

The game has finally been approved by Desura and will be released on January 1st. Meanwhile it is up for pre-sale right over here.
  Desura Digital Distribution

Meanwhile I am still trying to figure out how to generate keys across platforms - so Desura buyers would get the game on Humble Store and vice versa. Anyone knows of an easy guide of how this is done?


  1. I know this is kind of late but.
    That's awesome news, I bought the game a few weeks ago on the humble store.
    Honestly though I'm just writing this because I am wondering how the generating keys process is going and I'm also wondering if you will do the same thing for the Steam version (generating keys) if and when it gets greenlit?

  2. I saw The 8-Bit Duke's review of this on youtube and decided to buy it on Steam. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to map the buttons properly to my controller. Isn't there any way to customize the button configuration?

  3. There isn't a remap feature, but I've been asked to add it a few times now, so I might in the next update. How did you want to remap the controller buttons?

    1. On the controller I'm using, the jump and shoot buttons are reversed when compared to the majority of retro and retro-style games. I keep pressing the wrong button by mistake, since I'm so used to the standard shoot/jump configuration. It would be great to be able to switch them.

    2. There is a way to remedy this immediately, if you'd like:
      Grab JoytoKey:
      In JoyToKey - map the game's keyboard buttons to your controller just the way you want.
      In game - disable controller so the commands don't overlap.
      Bam - don't have to wait for a patch.

    3. Boom! Problem solved. Already beat the first boss. Thanks! Love the aesthetic.