Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ultionus is now available for purchase via Humble Store!

So yeah - that was quick!
Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge is now available for purchase via the Humble Store. In fact - you can buy it right off of here!

Just scroll to the bottom of the page and BAM! Windows and Ubuntu builds are included with every purchase. I am still working on procuring a Mac in order to get a build for that.
Back to the grind: )


  1. This looks like a great, great job. I am the "Pixeblog" editor; i would like to review this and publish through my website. Can I have a code to download this?
    Thank you and keep the good work!

  2. Just played the demo and I like the game in principle, especially the pixel art is great. But I've got two major issues that are holding me back from buying it: The walking speed is much too slow, it feels like crawling through the areas. Also, the first boss seemed like it takes a million hits to defeat? I quit after what felt like an eternity of shooting at it, with no indication of how far I had gotten in bringing it down.

  3. Hi I bought the game a few days ago. There's a trick or something to defeat the plant? I've passed a lot of time shooting at it, but there's no way to defeat it...or I'm doing something wrong...

    1. Hi,
      I think what is happening - in Ultionus - boss fights reset when you die, so, as you keep dying on the plant - all of the fight - including the boss HP keeps resetting. Perhaps in the future updates I'll address this design flaw somehow - like either A) Giving bosses an HP bar, and/or B) Making the player reset further from the action.

  4. That is actually a very bad thing! Sorry, I like the hole design of the game and also it has a nice music, but the game isn't quite balanced. I hope you'll update it soon.

  5. Hey there! I want to know how can I get the game on Steam? I'm a backer for The Legend of Iya. Do I get the game while I wait for Iya? Let me know please. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  6. Hi, I realy love your game, the gameplay, the music, and the graphics are perfect!, only one thing; please, update the version of Humble Store to the final version (the current RC2). I like the archievements of the game, but Steam are not for my simpathy.

  7. I really love this game. Please make a sequel with more levels, more secrets, more bosses and more boobs!