Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy New Year, and holy crap! It's been five months since my last update, and I really don't have any groundbreaking progress to report on account of me being horrendously busy all this time.
There has, however indeed been SOME progress.
  • For one thing - the starting "real world" city location - is closer to be done. It currently has only a small tilable building element, but now that I have a starting point it should go quicker.
  • Additionally - I came up with another cool effect just for this short area - fake-reflective windows. It actually looks pretty cool - you'll see: )
  • The Gun-Ganesha boss is almost done. His pattern is almost complete, as well as the animations, scripting and background elements, including a colossal Ganesha statue.
  • Metroid-like minimap as well as a full-sized map of the world have been added, and work perfectly.
  • Another boss has been partially added. This one should be awesome to animate and script.
  • A projectile-firing enemy has been added, codename Bazooka Fox.
  • A wall-crawling enemy ala Metroid Zoomers has been added, but has no finalized graphic.
  • A walking tank enemy has been designed, but isn't animated yet.
  • A rock golem sprite sheet is almost done.
  • A lot of the background foliage is now animated.
  • Dust floats in indoor sunbeams.
  • Breakable blocks to hide secret paths.
  • More tileset refinements.
  • Some screen filters added to make similar looking areas have slightly different flavor.
  • Much, much more, but probably too small to mention.

So, yeah - I guess some stuff happend in the last five months. The game isn't dead... just somewhat comatose.

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