Friday, January 15, 2010

An unexpected leap forward.

Ok - small update - In one day I have added an entire tileset from scratch. This one is for the sewer system in the game. As all other tilesets it's only 16 colors and under 512 tiles (not that it matters, but I couldn't pass up an opportunity for an additional pat on the back: ) Now to add all sorts of decrepid machinery and as much terrifying water as possible.

The town tileset looks even nicer now - added more elements to it as well.


  1. Wow those tiles look really nice! I'm really excited about this game!

  2. 16 colour backgrounds + 16 colour sprites, with 16kb tilesets (coming to 144kb total for the main playfield backgrounds) ... are you SURE you're not making a Genesis / Amiga game? Or maybe even a Game Gear one, just at the wrong resolution...?


    Looks pretty snazzy even with the limitations. Can we get an Atari ST port at some point with some pallete switching clever-trickery?