Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hate being an attention whore...

...but it's been forever since my last post, and I really have no time at the moment for a full-fledged update, so instead here is a youtube video:


  1. I commented on the video itself, I'm WingedGuardian11. I must say, I am impressed more and more by your skills in game design. I hope to see more progress soon, but don't overwork yourself.

  2. Just discovered this via Derek Yu's tweet. Love the elephant boss.. VERY Metal Slug-esque. (Said with the highest compliments)

    Great to see another Gamemaker game that really shows what talent + GM can do.

    All the best for your development!

  3. Been expecting to see this completed rather than becoming hiatus. Commercial games are killing the joy that we find in "real games". So, talented and dedicated makers like you should not cease to exist. I love what you have been trying to do with this game. I love the spirit in it. Please do not give up and ignore those fucktards.

  4. Ran across this after seeing a spectrum loading screen on a computer graphics site ... don't know if the official one or just a fan-work! It was quite impressive. I assumed it was a retro port of a well known game that I'd missed...

    Looks pretty good! Puts me in mind of a triple-A SNES/Genesis/Amiga title from an alternate 1993...