Sunday, September 5, 2010

Damn Troll!

I know publicly posting any kind of information about my game was potentially dangerous. A youtube troll has accused me of "recoloring Lady Sia sprites".... I'm this close to just taking the project back offline, but I guess it's inevitable that some fucktard will pull shit like this now and then.
Just to settle it: (click to enlarge)
There certainly is some similarity, but it ends with "hero girl with a ponytail".


  1. Ignore the troll. Your game's graphic don't look a think like Sias, by any means.

  2. Like the man said, ignore the troll. Nobody likes him and he smells funny.

  3. Nice sprite work. I love the fluid animation you have here man. Its great to see good old fashion sprite work. So many people still think that in order to make a modern game you have to have 3D. I really love seeing this kind of old fashion love given to a game. Have you seen the work given to that new Wario Land game by Production I.G.? Very nice work there too.

    Keep up the solid work.

  4. Lol, it must be a very special troll, cuz your sprite looks just so much better.

  5. The animation of the character is so much more fluent, as is the modular elephant Boss. You're putting that much work into the game, I feel the it could really come close to some commercial releases. I hope you'll be able to finish it. I think that you can.

  6. I guess it's neat that the troll is a Lady Sia fan, but yeah, that doesn't change that he's an idiot.

    Seriously man, don't even stress about people's feedback at this point. Your game looks undeniably professional, and people are really looking forward to playing it. Just keep having fun on your end, doing the best you can, and we'll keep the trolls in line on the other side.

  7. your game looks better than an industry made game and that is because its from your heart dont listen to the troll
    as proof they look SIMILAR but yours looks more fluid
    GOD what am i saying they look nothing alike yours looks 100 times better
    have you seen that game
    attack with sword and ONE magic ONE it sucked

  8. dont give up hope please keep this up you need to you've put to much work to throw all of it away. i make alot of crappy games that have no point no enemy just abilities and power ups and they're always the same sprites and always top down i never finish anything so please let this game of yours grow. it lets me know that things can be finished by one person with the will to see something to the end. please dont give up.

  9. with yellow hair looks better.

  10. your graphics look a million times better then the other sprite its being compared to its just a shit outline compared to yours.

    while there animations have similarities, they aren't the same in any way really...his just an idiot. anyone who can produce highend graphics like you've done clearly made that himself. and if anyones going to be accused of anything i'd be looking at what this other guy has to hide, because in my opinion theres something.

  11. They might as well say that you both stole your outlines from Prince of Persia, given the seeming technical difference between the two sets. Lady Sia was a pretty good looking game for an early GBA release, but it still stands that it was a GBA title, and an early one. Yours looks more like a DS one.

    Plus any platformer trying to have somewhat realistic character movement and a range of useful moves beyond what Mario can muster will end up with some similarities. But, the walk cycle, the jumping, etc all look decidedly different (never mind the different - if rather strange :D - resting stance, lack of sword...), and as you've outlined yourself, it's about as fast/good quality to start from scratch as to re-engineer an existing sprite set for a different size, colour depth, number of available frames etc.

    Don't pay attention to trolls, and Youtube trolls in particular. They really are the dregs of the internet.